Who are we?


Tamer is a telecoms & roaming expert, carrying over 21 years of professional experience in large corporations within the Telecommunication industry, holding different roles in business Development & sales including as an Executive Director of Sales at a large telco provider for over 10 years, and most recently as Head of Trading at a leading European telco group. With talent for languages, Tamer speaks four languages, and lived in three different continents throughout his life in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Tamer received a bachelor degree in political sciences from University of Alexandria (1999), then concluded an MBA from University of Phoenix (2010). He also completed several leadership programs, including becoming a CTI trained Co-active Coach in 2019 and an ICF member. 

He’s also a sports fervent since a young age where he trained for several sports including Volleyball, Taekwondo, Daido-Juku (Kudo) and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (bronze medalist in World Cup (2014). He has also ran several races in half and full marathon and is a triathlete with many races accomplished in Olympic and half ironman 70.3 distances. 

Tamer is a husband and a father, who found great companionship and is blessed to have the pleasure of raising a daughter in his life.

The coaching journey for Tamer has started early in his career from his constant passion for coaching teams, and improving their skills. That has then developed to take a larger scope for life and career coaching. A key landmark for Tamer in his coaching journey is the CTI Co-Active Coaching training he attended throughout 2019, which refined his skills to take a new level and be able to support more people on their life journey.

Our Mission

To enable everybody in their life journey to go on their own self exploration. We support them to fly and face the wind, while they find their own answers and ambitions to conquer.

Our Vision

As life goes on – every one of us can decide to stop and let life go by or we can decide to glide through life and face the wind. With that choice comes a responsibility of facing those winds, challenges and also opportunities, and not just go through them, but conquer them. 

Our core values