What's Coaching?

What’s coaching?

Coaching is defined as a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires people to maximize their personal and professional potential. The coach’s responsibility is to discover, clarify & align with what the client wants to achieve, through encouraging client self-discovery, and elicit client-generated solutions and strategies, I hold my clients responsible and accountable.

Do you sometimes ask yourself fundamental questions like “what’s my purpose?”, “do I live my life according to my values?”, “what do I want in life?”… or maybe “what’s next in my career?”, “how can I move forward?” or “how can I improve the relationship with my family?”…. maybe you feel stuck and you just can’t figure out why or how.

In coaching we build a partnership where you can go on an exploration journey to discover more and new things about yourself, and through powerful realizations figure out the missing piece of the puzzle.

Through seeking fulfilment and balance in life, you can Glide through your life, and Conquer your dreams.


Fulfilment is about living your life on purpose – having a life purpose. Living life through your own values makes it more enjoyable, simpler, and meaningful. Life purpose and one’s own values don’t need to be dictated by what should be, but rather from deep within.



Balance in life is not necessarily about an equal share of the different aspects of our lives, it’s rather about our choices of which aspects makes up a balanced life for each one of us, and how do we decide to invest in these aspects. A coaching journey of exploration enables putting those aspects in perspective and redefining priorities.